Rejuvenate Your Health: 4 Sugar Substitutes For a Healthier Lifestyle

4 Sugar Substitutes For a Healthier Lifestyle

Most types of sugar are bad for your health and general wellbeing. From table sugar to syrup and white cane sugar, high levels of sugar can lead to spiking levels of glucose, as well as an increased risk of heart disease and cancer. Too much sugar can also have a negative impact on the immune system, and can lead to problems with blood construction, as well as a higher rate of tooth decay and gum disease, and also more general problems with stress.

In this way, it is important to seek out some alternatives to standard forms of sugar. When used in combination with a moderate diet and regular exercise, sugar substitutes can have health benefits in terms of reducing the amount of calories absorbed on a daily basis. There are many sugar substitutes available on the market, all of which offer different ways to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Some of the best sugar substitutes include:

1 – Aspartame

Produced from a combination of the amino acids aspartic acid and phenylalanine dipeptide, aspartame retains the sweet taste of sugar, but without the calories. Aspartame also offers protection from tooth decay, as well as a lowered risk of weight gain. Other benefits include more general diet control when drunk as part of diet soda, creating long term benefits from weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. In addition, aspartame works as a flavour enhancer that works particularly well with fruits and chewing game flavours. It is important though to combine aspartame with a balanced diet, and not to wholly rely on the sugar alternative when trying to lose weight. It’s also worth mentioning that some people are allergic to aspartame (for example those with the genetic condition phenylketonuria (PKU)) and so it’s worth visiting for more information. (It’s also NOT recommended by My Crafty Life)

2 – Xylitol

A natural form of sugar alcohol, xylitol is extracted to create a sweet supplement. Containing two thirds of the food energy of standard forms of sugar, xylitol works best as a sweetener that contains less calories, and less chemical treatments. In doing so, xylitol can help to reduce the risk of diabetes, tooth decay and gum disease. Xylitol has also been used as part of insulin treatments, and can have a positive effect on bone density and osteoporosis.

3 – Brown Cane Sugar

Brown cane sugar represents a good alternative to white can sugar. Both are produced through a similar distilling process, with brown sugar differentiated by its mixing with molasses for a richer flavour and a more refined effect. Brown sugar is generally healthier and more nutritional than white sugar, and tends to contain less additives. Brown sugar cane also has a richer flavour.

4 – Agave Nectar

A naturally produced sweetener that is extracted from plants, agave nectar has long been a successful sugar alternative in South Africa. Sweeter than honey, agave nectar contains fructose and gluctose, and also has a low calorific content. Regularly used as part of a vegan diet as an alternative to artificially produced sugar, agave nectar also has the benefit of dissolving more quickly into liquids than other forms of sugar. Agave nectar has a caramel taste, and is often used as a sweetener in raw food recipes.


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from jen: My personal favorite is blue agave. There are lots of different options now…just find what fits your tastes, diet and lifestyle!


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