Barbie has arrived….at our house!! #BarbieIsMoving

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Barbie R-1


Barbie has moved into our house!

I have a very happy six year old.

After all her travels, Barbie realized that Malibu is where her heart is and has decided to stay there in a newly renovated Dreamhouse!

Ever since Lu, my six year found out that she was going to get to review her very own Barbie Dreamhouse she has literally asked me EVERYDAY when it was coming. We have never had the space for her to have her own. We just recently purchased a Saltbox (well midwest version) Cape where she has her own room and a loft area in the upstairs. I figured it was time for her to have one. True to form, her first worry was if the Princess Barbies were going to get along with the “regular” Barbies in the house. I assured her I thought it would be fine. :) There’s room enough for all. Since the house has arrived Polly Pockets have had a sleepover as well as her dollhouse people (they were jealous that Barbie had a bigger house than them). I can report that all of them have gotten along fine.

The newly renovated Dreamhouse is three-stories, has 6 rooms, two elevators, and unmatched “ocean views” of the Malibu coastline. And of course her new Barbie’s Dreamhouse features a few luxe details – like pink stainless steel kitchen appliances and a walk-in closet with its own elevator – a first for the fashion icon.

We have long been a Barbie family. My mom had them, I had them, Lu’s older sister had her own Dreamhouse in our old house. Now Lu is following in the family tradition. I noticed when this Dreamhouse arrived that it was a little harder to put together than my older daughters had been, but it’s definitely cooler. Daddy and Sissy helped Lu put it together. The elevator is tricky to put together, the cord was also too short but once it’s up it’s very cool. This house has a closet elevator AND a regular elevator. The first thing that Lu played with was the bathroom and the closet elevator. She loved all the features. Her second favorite thing is the tv in the living room. She thinks it’s hysterical that Barbie is on the news with Ken.



We still haven’t put it her room yet as it’s not all unpacked completely but it has been a godsend when I have been working.  I set her up with the dollhouse and she sits beside me playing with it until I am done. It’s fantastic and we both get what we need. I forgot how cool these houses are and how many hours of interactive, imaginative play it can provide.

Here’s some awesome pictures of our experience!

Barbie® doll’s newly renovated, three-story Dreamhouse® will debut as girls’ new luxury toy home. Every girl’s dream,the new house features six fab rooms and luxe details that any doll will appreciate, including pink “stainless steel” appliances, and not one — but two elevators! The house “expands” from the center to reveal the main elevator giving Barbie doll’s friends and family spacious living areas. A second elevator transports Barbie doll’s outfits between her favorite room in the house — her ultimate closet — and the bathroom for quick outfit changes.

Fully furnished and decorated in signature  Barbie® Pink, the doll-tastic features of the Dreamhouse® include:
• Two Working Pull-String Elevators
• Six Deluxe Rooms
• Lights and Sounds Through out the House
• Walk-In Closet
• Pink “Stainless Steel”Appliances
• Canopy Bed — Pulls Out to Reveal a Trundle Bed
• Television that“Flips” Channels
• Working Doorbell
• Balcony for Sunny Malibu Days
• 3-½+Feet Tall
• 50+Pieces

A modern addition to Barbie doll’s Dreamhouse legacy,the new ultra-glam 2013 Dreamhouse is the perfect way to imagine and experience Barbie doll’s world. Welcome home, Barbie!

Dreamhouse can be purchased at Walmart and retail stores nationwide and the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price

SRP: $184.99 3+ years

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