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Veggie’s Bully
A Book Encouraging Self Esteem for Readers Young and Old

A book inspiring lessons about self love, Veggie Bunnie learns something that all readers need to know…. Love yourself, no matter what others may say! Filled with colorful illustrations, this book follows Veggie’s relationship with her friends Carb Monkey and his Uncle Bear. Throughout the book, ‘Carb’ wants to get even with the bully that is bothering Veggie, whereas ‘Uncle Bear’ wants her to take a different approach. This book encourages readers to be the best person they can be, regardless of how people may act around them.

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My review:

As a mother of a kindergartner I am always having conversations about the right and wrong way to treat friends. Veggie Bully is a great conversation starter.

Veggie Bully illustrates beautifully the right and wrong way to deal with bullies. It demonstrates that even though retaliating may make you feel better for the moment, it will have lasting consequences and you are stooping to their level.

I deal with these type of situations everyday working as a lunch mom. Kids are always at a cross roads in how to react when some one comes on too strong or hurts their feelings. I always go with the two wrongs don’t make a right, which is a strong message in this book.  I love how Veggie Bully emphasizes that it’s important to believe in yourself and not really care if others feel your cool or awesome. In a world where magazines and the internet seem to feel they can dictate how you are supposed to look and act, I think this message is important.


C.-JoVan-WilliamsAbout Author C JoVan Williams

Clarice Williams was born and raised in Chicago, IL, but now resides in New Jersey as an Air Force spouse, with a blended family of six. A freelance writer as seen in Military Spouse Magazine, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, she tries to find cost effective family friendly ways to entertain her loved ones. Her self-published works include children’s book that are available on Amazon under the pen name, C. JoVan Williams.>

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