What makes me happy……. #31DayMarch

What makes me the happiest…….


My purple hair

My Chucks

My kids


My friends. They complete me even if I haven’t met some in person. :)

Last but not least my iPad. My ereader app takes me to new places every night. Some better than my own.

Last but not least my iPad. My ereader app takes me to new places every night. Some better than my own.

What makes you happy?



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  1. mamasgotflair says:


  2. Glitter and chucks make me happy too!

  3. Your purple hair makes me happy too! I love it. I tried to dye my hair plum once, even went so far as bleaching it first. The color came out all wrong, and I discovered that I have freaky weird hair that doesn’t really like to absorb color properly.

  4. Cristy S says:

    Love purple hair! And glitter! And my iPad!! Really, I love anything purple…

  5. So I couldn’t even focus on reading your post because my eyes kept going back and forth from your kids, to the pic of you. I’m thinking, SHE has kids….3 kids? You look like you’re a teen yourself, so kudos on being a hot mama! I have two little ones and sometimes feel like their grandma, lol. Cute post-stopping by from the 31 day blog challenge link-up and now following. :-)

  6. bigguysmama says:

    I always wanted purple hair as well as a pair of Chucks. Never had either! My kids made my list, but didn’t mention my friends. My list was waaaay too short! =/ I should go add an addendum! lol

  7. Glitter is something that takes me to a place beyond happy. It’s just so fabulous!


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