Five questions with Liz Schulte #booktour #interview

5 questions with Liz Schulte

Author of Dark Passing 

I had a chance to interview one of my favorite authors, Liz Schulte.  Liz’s book Choices was one of the first books I ever “officially” reviewed on this blog and I was instantly smitten with her and her characters. I asked Liz five questions that I was curious about and here’s what she said……

Which book was the hardest (or easiest) for you to write?
The hardest book to write was the second book of my urban fantasy series, The Guardian Trilogy. I am not sure why I struggled with it, but I started and discarded that book more times than any other. However, I finally got it right and it worked out for the best.

The easiest book to write was my Easy Bake Coven, comes out this month. The words just flowed for me and I could hardly stop writing once I started.

If you could meet any of your own characters, who would it be?
I would really like to meet Ella Reynolds. She is snarky and honest and doesn’t sugar-coat anything. I think we would get along pretty well. She makes me laugh and she lives in a haunted house–how cool is that?

Do you have a favorite character among the ones you’ve invented?
It’s hard to say. Since I created them all I really like all of them, but for different reasons. I definitely have a soft spot toward Ella since she was my first character. I really enjoy writing Baker from the Guardian Trilogy because I have always had an interest in 20′s era gangsters and the slang is so much fun.

When and where do you write?
Anywhere and everywhere. Even when I am not in front of my computer I feel like I am always writing in my mind. My brain has taken to cataloging different events I encounter, bits of dialogue, and descriptions as I go through my normal day to day life. At home I normally write in my office, sometimes with music, sometimes without (it depends on the character).

What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?
Hmm the toughest for me are those reviews that say I loved everything about the book except something. I understand that not every book is for every person so if someone just hates the book, I can deal with that, but when someone liked it all except one detail that will eat at me for a while.

The best compliment is when I get a reader who messages me and is just so into the book they have read it multiple times or can talk about it in detail. I love that. I love talking character development and motivation with readers and hearing their thoughts and theories. It is very gratifying.


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  1. Thank you for having me on your blog!! And for reading my books. 😀 You brightened my whole week.

  2. Chris Patterson says:

    This is a great interview. I personally am a huge “Liz” fan. I would love to hear more about the Guardian Trilogy. It is one of my all time favorites. I find it very interesting to hear that she scraped Choices more then once before she got it on track.

  3. Chris Patterson says:

    the first in the series (Dark Corners) is on today’s bargain list at BookBub!!


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