A commercial I dislike…….

Pretty much all of them, especially most of the new Target ones during Black Friday. They were loud and a little bigoted.  Apparently at some point advertisers are in the state of mind that all Americans are materialistic, easily swayed, bandwagoner people. Me? I am a huge word of mouth person. It’s why I blog. I rely on my favorite blogs, my favorite Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and my favorite friends experiences and opinions on things! I admit it. When I see a commercial, I fast forward it. It’s why I DVR most of my shows. I am hoping it will show advertisers that they need to either rethink their strategies or find a better way to advertise to me….

What commercial drives you nuts?

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  1. Political commercials, they are so negative that they make me especially prone to dvr and not watch in live time. The other ones I am soo sick of are those progressive insurance ones with that lady. Having said that, they all pale in comparison to the telephone solicitors, disrupting the peace by trying to sell you something.

  2. I’m a fast forwarder too. Commercials are for peasants! LOL

  3. All commercials are annoying.