Hickory Farms Holiday Gift Baskets Makes The Holidays A Little More Delicious. #review #giveaway @HickoryFarms

Spice up your holiday with Hickory Farms Holiday Gift Baskets! {Review}

If you are anything like me, a child of the 80’s, you remember the thrill of seeing Hickory Farms on the side of a box delivered around the holidays. Loads of cheeses, savory meats and the occasional chocolate in each box (my favorites were the little petits fours), just waiting for my 8 year old self to rip into it. I remember pouring over the catalogs and creating a wish list of what I hoped we’d get!  I know, other kids wanted Barbies, I wanted cheese. Not much has changed! :) We have a giant kiosk at our local mall that is frequented by my family when ever we shop. My kids love all the samples and we usual end up with a cheese ball or two.

My husband’s favorite spurge is Hickory Farms sweet hot mustard. It’s one of his favorite mustards. Hickory Farms Gift Baskets have long been a tradition in my family!

Much to my delight my family was given the chance to review a Hickory Farms product and we received the Tastes of the Trade Tool Bag.

The Tastes of the Trade Tool Bag has:

-2 -Our Signature Beef Summer Sausage 10 oz.
-Farmhouse Cheddar 10 oz.
-Jalapeño Cheddar Blend 10 oz.
-Holiday Spiced Almonds 4 oz.
-Golden Toasted Crackers 4.4 oz.
-Olive Oil & Rosemary Crackers 4.4 oz.

Net Weight 3.3 lbs.

Retails at $60.00


I really liked the bag and even though it’s supposed to be a tool bag we decided it would be an awesome snack cooler for holiday traveling! The kids came home from school so we cracked open the cheese and sausage for an awesome afternoon snack. I don’t know who was more excited…me or the kids!

My son’s favorite part was the almonds, my daughters both LOVED the cheddar cheese, summer sausage and golden toasted crackers.

Beef Summer Sausage, Farmhouse Cheddar and Holiday Spiced Almonds.

Our yummy afternoon snack!

I was given a Tastes of the Trade Tool Bag to giveaway to one My Crafty Life reader!

US only please, 18+

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Compensation and products for review were provided by Hickory Farms via MomTrends. I received a free sample of the product for the purpose of this review and to facilitate a giveaway. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Hickory Farms.


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  1. My favorite item is the Rosemary/Olive oil crackers.

  2. i like Beef Summer Sausage


  3. I would like the Grand Gift Snack Tower


  4. I like the Orchard’s Bounty Gift Basket

  5. anything…as long as it contains summer sausage! i love hickory farms products…you can never go wrong with them.

  6. I love Chesse, they have a pepper chesse that just Rocks!
    Happy Thanksgiving:)

  7. Beef Summer Sausage!

  8. I like their Family Favorites box.

  9. Love the summer sausage!

  10. Favorite – Orchard’s Bounty Gift Basket.
    Thank you!

  11. i like the cheese!

  12. I am partial to the summer sausage and any of the cheeses…

  13. Beef summer sausage

    lisa lo RC form

  14. We are fans of their classic Beef Summer Sausage!

  15. Beef Summer Sausage

  16. I love their cheeses!

  17. Spiral Sliced HoneyGold Ham is another favorite!

  18. We love the beef summer sausage!

  19. Hickory Holiday Reserve

  20. Their beef sticks!

  21. Hickory Farms cheeses are my favorite!

  22. I love the cheeses the best. Thank you for giveaway

  23. The beef summer sausage

  24. The cheeses!

  25. beef summer sausage

  26. The sausage!

  27. theirtheir summer sausage is so good!

  28. Anything sausage!

  29. love the summer sausage

  30. I would like the Golden Fruitcake

  31. beef summer sausage

  32. Summer Sausage, or maybe a sharp cheddar

  33. I love all of their summer sausage products

  34. The beef summer sausage looks mighty good.

  35. I really like the smoked cheese

  36. i love the Grand Gift Snack Tower

  37. We love their Beef Summer Sausage.

  38. My favorite product is Peppermint Snow Mint Cookies :)

  39. Hickory farms Summer Sausage is my favorite.

  40. holiday Petits Four

  41. I love the smoked sausage its so good

  42. Summer Sausage!

  43. I like their Beef Summer Sausage! Thanks for the great giveaway and happy holidays!

  44. I love their Petit Fours!

  45. I like their Turkey summer sausage

  46. I like the peanut brittle.

  47. I like their beef summer sausage.

  48. My favorite Hickory Farms product is their Beef Summer Sausage.

  49. I have never tried Hickory Farms, coming from the UK, it’s new to me!

  50. I’ve tried the beef summer sausage and its delicious and my favorite.

  51. The petitfours sound perfect!

  52. I love the Orchard Preserves Gift Box

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  53. Their summer sausage is amazing!

  54. I haven’t tried them yet, but the dried fruit & nut baskets look great!

  55. I love their summer sausage.

  56. Beef Summer Sausage is my favorite

  57. Favorite product = Beef Summer Sausage

  58. I like their Summer sausage but the bag look’s functional and useful.

  59. my favorite product is summer sausage!!!!

  60. The summer beef sausage!! yummm

  61. I love the mustard

  62. It’s the jalapeno cheddar cheese

    caryn9802 at yahoo dot com

  63. i like their Our Signature Beef Summer Sausage

  64. I love the summer sausage.

  65. Orchard’s Bounty Gift Basket.

  66. Farmhouse cheddar, yummy!!!

  67. I love their Dried Fruit Assortment.

  68. favorite thing on hickory farms is Spiral Sliced HoneyGold Ham

  69. artesian fudge

  70. My favorite Is the beef sausage

  71. I love their cheese balls, have been buying them forever

  72. I love Hickory Farms Turkey Summer Sausage!

  73. I love their cheese but my fiance LOOOVES their mustard.

  74. I love the summer sausage!

  75. i like the Summer Sausage & Cheese Gift Box

  76. Beef Summer Sausage of course!

  77. Their beef sticks!

  78. Spiral sliced honeygold ham

  79. Orchard’s Bounty Gift Basket

  80. I love their Festive Tasting Gift Basket.

  81. I like the nuts, the holiday almonds sounds good!



  83. We love their Summer Sausage

  84. I like the Holiday Trimmings Green Gift Basket!

  85. I like the summer sausage

  86. One of my favorite products is the Hickory Farms Holiday Cravings Assortment.
    reejen at comcast dot net

  87. the turkey summer sausage

  88. I love summer sausage

  89. I love the summer sausage.

  90. Melt Away Mints- they are so addictive. :)

  91. I love all of their cheeses!

    Thanks for the sweeps

  92. I like thwir smoked cheddar and smoked swiiss cheeses

  93. It would definitely have to be the Summer Sausage!

    sandysaveseveryday AT gmail DOT com

  94. The summer beef sausage

  95. I would love to try the Beef Summer Sausage

  96. I really don’t havee a favorite but the summer sausage is very yummy

  97. summer sausage

  98. I love the Beef Summer sausage…it is sooooo good!

  99. The cheese

  100. I love their Dried Fruit Collection-The yellow peaches are fantastic!

  101. Orchard’s Bounty Gift Basket.

  102. i love their beef summer sausage!

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  103. Hearty Hickory Gift Box is my fav.

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  104. I like all the smoked cheeses.

  105. I love all the cheeses!

  106. I like the Family Favorites box. Thanks!

  107. Summer Sausage & Cheese

  108. Mini Melt Away Mints

  109. Beef sticks.

  110. I love the summer sausage!

  111. the summer sausage

  112. I love Hickory Farms Summer Sausage.

    charity s

  113. The All Day Celebration looks great.

  114. Beef Summer Sausage

  115. My favorite is the Perfect Picnic Gift Basket.

  116. my favorite is Beef Summer Sausage

  117. Beef Summer Sausage

  118. I like their Beef Summer Sausage.

  119. I love their Cheeses!


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