Discover Your Winter Cocktail {Give Away Ends Feb 20th}

In celebration of the winter season, Robb Report presents the Discover Your Winter Cocktail Blog App. Everyone has their favorite cocktail, but have you wondered what winter cocktail fits you best?  Take theDiscover Your Winter Cocktail quiz and you can find out by answering a few simple questions!

Mix the Discover Your Winter Cocktail App
Discover Your Winter Cocktail. Answer a few questions to see what winter cocktail suits you best!
Little Known Liquor Facts! This fun guide will give you little known facts about liquor you may not have known!
Give a Winter Twist to Four Classic Cocktails!  Everyone has their favorite drink and most of the time they are the tried and true classics. Now you can spice up your classic cocktail with a fun holiday twist!  Great to share with friends or become the hit of your holiday party!
Check out a few cool Seasonal Cocktails Recipes


Chocolate Snowball

2 oz coconut rum

2 oz  Irish cream

1 oz hazelnut liqueur

3 1/2 oz melted chocolate

3 1/2 oz cream

1 dash chocolate syrup

Preparation: Place the chocolate syrup around the glass then place the other ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake. Strain into glass.


Spring Fever

3/4 oz lemon juice

3/4 oz mango syrup

1 1/2 oz pineapple juice

2 oz blood orange juice

Preparation: Shake well over ice cubes in a shaker, and strain into a collins glass half-filled with crushed ice.


Winter Breeze

1 oz creme de cacao

1 oz vanilla schnapps

1 oz Irish cream


Preparation: Pour liquors into a beer mug, and fill with milk. Stir, and serve.


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  1. Mrs. Crafty says:

    I got Winter Camoflage

  2. Homemade Irish Cream

  3. Homemade Irish Cream

  4. My cocktail was the Winter Camouflage.

  5. Ashley H. says:

    I got poinsettia champagne cocktail.

  6. Chelsea r says:

    Mine is Autumn in the Highlands.

  7. Ginger Bread Martini

  8. toasted almond

  9. Gingerbread martini

  10. Gingerbread Martini

  11. Jessica F says:

    I got toasted almond! Sounds delicious!

  12. Elizabeth Braun says:

    I got the Winter Gin Rose

  13. Penny Kathleen says:

    Poinsettia Champagne Cocktail!

  14. I got Homemade Irish Cream

  15. winter gin rose

  16. That Chocolate Snowball recipe certainly works for me although, I’d prefer a double (big grin)….. I think I’ll stroll on down to the corner pub and bring ’em this recipe….. OMG, you triggered me! lol, just kidding. Perhaps tomorrow.

  17. Andrea Hadfield says:

    I got Winter Camouflage

  18. They’re all nice recipes, and I have the ingredients right here for my Ginger Snap Martini — Good thing I have tomorrow off! The devil has bitten me now.

  19. Thanks for the chance to win : )

  20. OK, did it right this time…. Toasted Almond! They know me so well!

  21. Oh my gosh these sound awesome – never heard of Mango syrup – where do you find that? And vanilla schnapps – omg I need to pay more attention to things when I go to the liquor store, didn’t even know they made